Verizon Fios Tips- How To See Only The Channels You Subscribe To Displayed in Guide

If you’re frustrated searching through a sea of channels you don’t subscribe to, we have a solution for you.

You’re probably used to the default “All Channel” listing that comes up whenever you press the Guide button.

But if you’re like many of us, being presented with hundreds of options, many of which we don’t actually have, can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Now, here’s your fast and easy solution to end this frustration permanently. 

Follow the instructions below and once completed, every time you hit the Guide button, only the channels you actually have in your specific package will be displayed from now on. 

Yeh baby!

Here are the steps to make it happen:

1. Press the Menu button on your Fios remote.

2. Scroll up to Settings and select it.

3. Select System

4. Scroll right and down to Television.

5. Scroll Right and Down to Last Viewed Guide State.” This is defaulted to Disable. Highlight and select “Enable” so it is checked.

6. Press the “Exit” button on your remote to leave the Menu/Settings area completely.

7. Now Press the GUIDE button on the remote. Then press the “Options” button on the remote.

8. Scroll down to “Subscribed Channels” and press your center “Select” button to say OK.

Now. look at the bottom of the right menu column where it says Mode: It should say “Subscribed Channels” now and it is locked in for future Guide selections.

Let’s tour the change:

Press Exit on your remote.

Press your Guide button.  

There are two different views you can choose from now.

The first Guide you’ll see will display a large viewer of the channel you’re currently on, and a smaller display of the channels you’re currently “Subscribed” to down the right side. Scroll down the right side to find and select the program you want, more like the regular guide.

Press the Guide button a Second time, you’ll get a new display that has a smaller viewer on the left and the icons for all the channels you have in your package displayed across the top to scroll across, (using left/right arrows on remote).

Center screen is the current channel you have selected to view, with all the programs beneath it that you can scroll Down through, starting from the time slot you entered the Guide and onward from there.

Pick the view you like best and explore all the great stuff you already pay for!  

Because you enabled the system to retain your “Subscribed Channels,” for your Guide, vs the “All Channels” default, each time you press the Guide button going forward, your Guide will show you only the channels you actually have access to, without any frustration or guesswork. 



Part of the GSTW series “Behind The Curtain™ to help you live better.

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