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Welcome to GreatStuffThatWorks.com!

We’re all trying to live the best life we can. And though we sometimes don’t want to admit it, the products we live with affect our day to day feeling of well being.

I’m not talking about “one-ups-manship.”

Even a Monk needs a comfortable robe or he’ll spend time overcoming one more obstacle to spiritual harmony.

But what improves the quality of my life and maybe yours, is living with products that improve the quality of living, not make it harder or more frustrating…..

The ones proven to have that rare balance of benefits, performance and human engineering, that make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The GreatStuffThatWorks.

For over 30 years I’ve been finding the GreatStuffThatWorks for customers in a wide variety of product categories.

I’ve worked at nearly every level of consumer products retailing, from installation tech, on the floor salesperson, custom AV designer, sales coach, manager of retail stores, to operations executive for a major, multi-store chain.

From that experience it became very clear: In any given product category, there are only a few really great models that have the best combination of benefits, performance and human engineering, to make them products people really love to live with.

But as you’ve probably experienced, finding those products is not always easy.

So, over time I’ve developed a network of specialized experts that live every day in the product category I’m researching. And if I don’t have experts in a category, I find them.

I start by asking them what products they’ve found customers like best. The products their customers send their friends in to also buy.  The products people rarely  return.

Next, I take their recommendations and do my own research.  I find out which of those models have proven themselves in the larger marketplace to be the ones people really love to live with.

Then I personally test the final choices and share the results with you.

There are no perfect products. And even great products can stumble sometimes.

But with thousands of product choices and millions of conflicting reviews, we all need someone to help us find the great stuff.

And that’s what I do.  Every day I help people enjoy life more by sorting through the noise and uncovering the few products, the few models, that are not only great in the specs, but also proven to be great to live with.

I hope you’ll check out our reviews, experience the products and tell us what you think.

And If you’d like us to cover a particular product category we haven’t, click on our “What Should We Review Next?” menu and let us know.

We’re all in this life together.

Let’s make it more fun by living with the great stuff that works!

See you in the reviews!



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