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I know it’s harder today than ever to figure out which products really work.

Every product’s marketing says it’s “The Best,” and it’s not just about “specs” or “features.”

It’s about finding products you’ll really enjoy living with and understanding how to use them.


As a GreatStuffThatWorks subscriber, you’ll have access to the insights and knowledge you need to make smart decisions before you buy.

Our research begins by determining what a great product of it’s type should do for you.

Because to decide, you first need to know what’s possible.

Then we give you a detailed explanation of the one or two products that our in-depth research, network of experts and hands-on-testing proved to have the best balance of Benefits, Performance and Human Design.

The products we live with directly affect our experience of life. Our goal is to help you live with only the Great Stuff …That Works! Proven Product Solutions™.

When a new product qualifies as a GreatStuffThatWorks Approved product, we’ll automatically notify you.

And periodically, as we discover new tips and relevant information to help you, we’ll pass it along, so you and the people you know can live better too.

We want to hear from you!

Tell us the types of products you’d like us to review using our “What Should We Review Next” link on our home page.

And you can reach us at “” when you have questions or want to suggest how we can make our services better and more useful for you. 

I promise we’ll keep listening and improving.

There are no perfect products and even great products can stumble sometimes, but I can tell you this,

If you buy a product we recommend, the odds are high you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Thanks again for becoming a GreatStuffThatWorks subscriber!

See you in the reviews.




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