Three Trick Ways To Quickly Find Open Documents in Mac Snow Leopard

Unlocking the Leopard
MacBook Tip for Snow Leopard OS
Paul Good – 08/21/2011

Three Trick Ways To Quickly Find Open Documents

Ever have multiple windows open on your Mac and can’t quickly find the one you want?

Here’s three cool ways to find the one you need Fast!

Tip #1.) Tap the F3 key in the top row of your keyboard and Voila!

All at once the documents, webpages, etc. windows you have open are displayed in thumbnail view across your screen. (You probably knew this one.)

You can then move your cursor to that thumbnail, click on it and it opens full screen in the foreground ready to work.

Tip #2.) Take your FOUR FINGERS and Pull from the top of the track pad down toward the bottom and Voila!  The same thing happens without a single button push.

But, wait!  There is one more trick in your Mac bag.

Now you know, if you have a lot of documents open at the same time, (as I do with all the research), sorting out which window is the one you want is more difficult because the more you have open, the smaller the thumbnails get.

There is a great solution built right into Snow Leopard

And This is it:

Tip #3.) Since you nearly always know the Application type you captured the information in, (Pages, Word, Entourage, Mail, Evernote, etc.) simply do the following:

1.) Visually locate the Application Icon for that application at the bottom of your screen.

2.) Move your cursor on top of that icon.

3.) Click and HOLD it down (use only one finger on the track pad) and Voila!  All the open documents created only in that application pop up in thumbnails!

Since there are always a lot fewer of one document type to display, the thumbnails are usually quite large, making it easy to quickly find the document you need and click it to the forefront.  Nice!

That’s today’s GreatStuffThatWorks Tip for Mac Snow Leopard users.

Here’s to having more fun with your stuff!


GSTW‘s Tips and Tricks are posted periodically as we come across useful ways to have more fun with your stuff.  You can find this and other Tips and Tricks at under “Tips and Tricks” (clever, aren’t we?)  Cheers, PG






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