Tech Tip-Panasonic G25 TV


Observed: Panasonic G25 Plasma goes to Green Screen.

In most cases, there is nothing wrong with your great Panasonic G25. It’s usually your cable box that lost the sync with the HDMI connection to your TV following an overnight cable box update from your provider. (This has been reported to happen on the Motorola HD cable boxes.)


Our cable boxes and our TV’s are now essentially computers. What has occurred is your Motorola cable box has accidentally lost its original output settings that give the Panasonic G25 the information it needs to display the picture properly from the cable box.

Fast and Easy Solution: Unplug the Motorola HD cable box power cord, wait approx. 1 min. and reconnect the power.

Let it complete its reset cycle, turn on the box and usually the problem is solved. The Motorola box re-detects the HDMI / Panasonic connection and resets the correct compatibility settings.

Check to be sure you have the correct Input selected for where you watch cable on the G25 TV.  If you don’t see a picture, scroll through the inputs slowly enough to let the signal sync with each input (usually the ones labeled HDMI) and you should see a picture on one of them.

If that does not solve it, you can Manually reset the settings by entering the User Menu on the Motorola Cable box and following the procedure detailed below by Panasonic Tech Support.

Manual Reset:

To Manually reset the correct output settings on your Motorola HD Cable Box, do the following in exact order:

On the Motorola HD Box

Press the Power button, then the Menu button on the front of the box, one immediately after the other. This sometimes takes several tries at the timing to enter “User Settings”.

“User Settings”

On the left you will see “TV Type”

Now Pick Up The Cable Remote to move the arrow to highlight “4:3 Override”

Then press the Right Arrow to highlight “Stretch” (which is their 16:9 setting).

Press the Down Arrow to highlight “Additional HDMI Settings.”

Then press the Right Arrow to highlight it.

This opens a new menu for “Additional HDMI Settings”.

Press the Down Arrow to highlight “Color Space”

Then press the Right Arrow to highlight “RGB”

Then move the arrow to “Return to Main Page”

Press the Right Arrow to select “Main Menu”

This takes you back to the “Main Menu”

Put Down The Cable Remote

Physically Go To The Motorola Box and Press “Menu”

This will remove the menu from screen.

Press the Power button on the Motorola box to turn the Motorola box back on.

The correct Settings are now in place!

If this still does not solve the problem, here’s the telephone number to contact live Panasonic Tech Support at 1-800-211-7262. When prompted, choose Tech Support, then TV, then Plasma to directly connect to the department through their automated attendant.

All the best,


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